Antarctica Ross Dependency Scott Base Historic Huts of Antarctica


Antarctica is the world’s southernmost continent, and is completely surrounded by the Southern Ocean. It is the fifth largest continent in the world, with an area of 14 million km².

Ross Dependency

The Ross Dependency is New Zealand’s wedge shaped territorial claim of an area of Antarctica including the Ross Sea, Ross Ice Shelf, Ross Island, and the Transantarctic Mountains, extending to the South Pole.

Scott Base

Scott Base, New Zealand’s Antarctic base, is located at Pram Point on Ross Island in McMurdo Sound. It was originally built in 1957, and rebuilt to be a suitable permanent base from 1976 to 1977. Today, it is a modern facility well suited to science support.

Historic Huts of Antarctica

Huts were built for expeditions from 1899 and some still stand making Antarctica the only continent where original human habitation structures remain. Of the 22 original sites, only seven huts remain intact today. Others remain as ruins or have disappeared completely.

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Mt Erebus Mt Melbourne/ Mt Rittman

Mt Erebus

Mt Erebus is an active volcano in Antarctica, and is the most southerly volcano on earth. It holds the most geographically isolated geothermal site on earth. This extreme isolation makes it an excellent system for studies of microbial speciation, biogeography, and evolution of thermal adaptation.

Mt Melbourne/ Mt Rittman

Mt Melbourne and Rittman were visited as part of the IGNITERRA project in 2012 to survey and review the protection of these unique sites.

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