ICTAR is the home of a number of terrestrial Antarctic research projects with collaborators from all over the world. See below for more information about the different projects. 


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Biocomplexity of terrestrial ecosystems in the Dry Valleys.


Microbiology in hot volcanic soils, Antarctica

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Bratina Ponds Drivers of Microbial Diversity Antarctic Soils

Bratina Ponds

Bacterioplankton communities in the melt-water ponds on Bratina Island

Drivers of Microbial Diversity

Abiotically Driven Biocomplexity in the Antarctic Dry Valleys

Antarctic Soils

Antarctic soils - characterisation and vulnerability to changes.

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Hyporheic Zone Invertebrates Antarctic Fungi

Hyporheic Zone

Wet soils (hyporheic zones), are hotspots for microbial life and biogeochemical cycling.


Genetic diversity of invertebrate life in the Dry Valleys.

Antarctic Fungi

Diversity and mechanisms of cold adaptation and proliferation of Antarctic fungi.

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ICTAR research from 2011/12 season